Friday, April 24, 2009


Well this week was ok and not ok i went and picked up my graduation stuff and found out that i had been picked validictorian and Alpha Beta Kappa honor society. i almost cried! i got a gold key and would have worn gold cords with my gown. But i went to spamalot with my mom instead alot more fun i say! anyways Northern lights vet decided not to hire me and then i had an interview at micheals craft store and he hasent called me back i will call them monday. BLAH!!! i need a new layout for my blog anyone have any ideas? pictures? anything leave me a comment below!


LittleCakes said...

Congrats on the accolade! Wonderful! A job will come...think about the discount at Michael's! My hubby and I weere chatting and Alaska seems so bout more pics on that? I love checkin' in...I'm rooting for ya!

Shantessa Knutson said...

Thank you so much i love posting things that people like to read :) Thanks for the congrats and i will try to get some more photos while i am out and about!
anything in particular you would like to see??
Thanks so much for reading!