Monday, April 27, 2009

Burlesque name generator

Have fun!

Third letter of your real first name tells you your first burlesque name:

A Juicy
B Fabulous
C Cupcake
D Fifi
E Danger
F Venus
G Ermine
H Marvelous
I Perky
J Sinuous
K Emerald
L Peaches
M Mocha
N Cleopatra
O Jewel
P Frankly
Q Candy
R Topless
S Leopard
T Frankly
U Sensual
V Sexy
W Silky
X Diamond
Y Breathy
Z Bonbon

Third letter of your real last name tells you your last burlesque name:

A Heartbreaker
B Smartypants
C Nipples
D Snowstorm
E Unmentionables
F Cupcake
G Evening
H Poser
I Sunshine
J Jigglejugs
K Fluffkins
L Wiggles
M Vibrations
N Glitterbomb
O Majorette
P Baracuda
Q Crustacean
R Sprinklecake
S Cheetah
T Snakeskin
U McStruttington
V Von Trapp
W Shakespeare
X Moonbottom
Y Growler
Z Favours


Shantessa Knutson said...

My name is Juicy McStruttington Whats yours?

Purple Sparkle said...

Fabulous Unmentionables. And it started so well. Only one letter being off Fabulous Cupcake. That would have been good!

Alison Hamilton said...

I love this - I have had so much fun!! My name is Perky Vibrations; my hubby is Marvellous. Lol We could make such a good double act....Perky and Marvellous Vibrations!
Love it!
Alison (ellabellaboo from Swap bot!)

Sharryn Thomson said...

Hey Shantessa:)
LOL I've also had a play with my burlesque name and I'm Juicy Snakeskin...PMSL
Too cool :)
Thanks for the laugh.
Sharryn - blog swap

Christine said...

I'm not sure Cupcake Vibrations is quite the name I was hoping for.....LOL....This is great!

Amy said...

OMG...followed you rlink from Swap-bot. And do i love this!!! I am Breathy McStruttington! Gotta send my mom here she will get a real kick out of this one!!! back to Swap-bot!! Myaizar

Tara said...

Haha awesome i am Topless Unmentionables! Here from swap-bot. thanks for the links - finally someone getting it right lol, i think people are a tad confused...
Anyway, cool site :) thanks, T. x (sewgorgeous) << love that we have a similar idea on the name front!