Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spamalot 2009-THANKS MOM!

Wow what a day! Started out my mom calling me and telling me she was taking me instead of my dad (who suggested she try to sell them because of how expensive they were) to spamalot opening night!

Anyways we got there early and found out our tickets were first row in the freaking middle! I was totally star struck the whole time I loved it. It was the movie almost word for word they added some Alaskan wording as the knights of NI and some Sarah pailin mockery and some talk about Mt redoubt. We all sang Bright side of life at the end and I got a piece of confetti from the last confetti shower it was amazing I loved the Taunting Frenchman but Brave sir robin and patsy were my favorite! I will be selling my soul to go next time they come for sure!
So Remember Always look on the bright side of life
And Thank you mom for making my year!

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Deanna said...

Oh wow, you saw Spamalot! I saw Holy Grail on the big screen about 7 years ago, and that was awesome. It came to a really nice theater over in Dallas so a couple of my friends and I went. There were some people dressed up like Patsy and Sir Robin. FUN!
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