Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lengthy Update

Well i am currently looking for a job i have an interview on tuesday at a vet clinic hopefully they pay well and will hire me. Ive been sick all weekend with cold/dry cough it stinks. I still havent gotten my license (lack of rides) I stayed at my moms house for weeks my car isnt running again i am trying to stay out of swaps so i can be free of of obligations while i transfer to working. I am sure going to miss days with maggie hopefully i get a nice flexable job. maybe with things i can do at home that would be beyond sweet. I graduate on the 14th My ?? Birthday is on the 9th taking gwyn to go see the hannah montana Movie on the 10th i have an apartment inspection on the 15th my dads birthday is on the 16th then i have to sign a new lease and my rent is going up a hundred dollars in june. ugh more money more problems. But i will be able to move into a 2 bedroom in november so i am thrilled about that! Then i will be able to save up for a trailer! Yay


LittleCakes said...

Happy Birthday Shantessa! Hope your job interview went well!!!

Shantessa Knutson said...

Thanks so much :)