Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Queen Of the Hill

In honor of episode "Peggy the Boggle Champ" of King of the hill Peggy has made me crave boggle So i need to find one ASAP Will keep you updated on progress when i find a cheap one. Other than that yesterday i had my interview for the vet clinic sold myself as best as i could I was double interviewed by jen and jules exciting but my voice sounded horrid.They want me to come in for working interviews i am working friday and monday paid of course :) so this friday from 9:30 to 3:30 then i have to take gwyn to hannah montana and then monday following easter i work from 9:30 to whenever they are done with me. we went shopping at burlington and i got her a hannah montana hat to wear to the theater. She is so excited i got her some HM candy too maggie was a absolute horror at the store i need to be more strick and not give her everything she wants!! I got her a dora hockey set and a doll looking backpack and candy necklace i will post pics of what i got when i get home (yes i am at moms again) I really want to go to bishops attic while i have money i need to find my dad a borthday gift! I also didnt get to vote yesterday but doesnt look like it mattered the man we were voting for didnt even get close to winning so i dont feel bad the thing that pisses me off is there passed a bond to fix and create for parks and recreation and the bond to fix up school and make new schools didnt pass *barf*! Pretty Crazy what people vote for.....TTYL!

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