Thursday, May 7, 2009

Todays Package and Projects

I got a ton of packages picked up by the postman today so there some monkeys off my back :)
I also got a Aweosme LOTR package from pinkleo off craftster freaking awesome

Blew my mind!
I got a wonderful Mythril Shawl I Adore it!! its so long it must have taken forever to make
A J.R.R Tolkien Book box
Freaking amazing i love this so much i love boxes and this one looks like a book so pretty too
Leaf Broach Tote bag
I am so glad i got a tote and this one is so pretty to
funny i sent her one she sent me one :)
The eye of Sauron Necklace
I love this so beautiful
A Smaug Bookmark

Thanks so much pinkleo i love everything and i am so glad to see you loved what i sent you as well :)


Here is my projects of the day
I made some masks for my daughter since our volcano is threating to blow bigger than last time
and the flu going around not so much up here but still
here are the patterns i made for them

and here is the finished product
I didnt use a tut or anything for them they were really simple
I just used felt or several layers of cloth between the 2 fashion fabrics :)


nifwlseirff said...

The book box and the tote are stunning! :-)

Shantessa Knutson said...

Thanks so much i love them!