Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My 2nd Mosaic I'll have to do this more often

1. 6x exposure of me, in photography. Selfportrait., 2. Photo in photography class. Yay for double exposure! Selfportrait., 3. Redheads Matchbox Pinhole, 4. Amu Sugar Baby, 5. Me got Mooo'd too...., 6. Kawaii Cute Japanese Small Resin Clay Mold-Doughnuts-Ring, 7. Zombuki Valley for VOTD, 8. Dark Horse Nebula, 9. Crochet basket, 10. painted cats (28), 11. I wish, 12. save the planet, 13. Images on your site, 14. Hill of Crosses 6, 15. winking pumpkin, 16. interesting facts starfish, 17. amour_de_pierrot, 18. day of the dead, 19. India - Wildlife - 008 - elephant in Kanchipuram, 20. kitten - black & white, 21. Grey Kitten, 22. Elephants, 23. Elephant wallowing, Etosha Park, Namibia., 24. Mo Elephant, 25. Ganesha - the elephant headed god, 26. baby elephants, 27. Nikon CLS - Elephant Shrew @ National Zoo, 28. Piccabu Elephant and Molehill Mouse, 29. elephant super car wash, seattle, 30. The Elephant Tree -, 31. Fishing For Compliments, 32. Kawaii Cute Japanese Ring-Coffee With Cream 1, 33. The End Is Nigh, 34. New Ceramic Frames, 35. Robot Lovers, 36. Make Me


Roslyn said...

Hey there...what do you use to do your mosaic? Hugs Khris

Shantessa Knutson said...

I use biglabs :)
if you want the link or cant find it on google let me know :)

missy moo said...

Hey this is so awesome! You are very creative in deedy doo!

I love all of your pictures here, but i have to say the two embroyded Nanna frame words are gold!!

Can you please let me know about the mosaic page as well? I'm just finding my inner creative goddess again and i could have a lot of fun with this :)