Saturday, May 9, 2009

Queen Nerd

Just some of my game info

(81 Human Warrior) Vicana The Bloody Fist Princess


Basic Triggers for All Classes
Ooc-out of caracter
Reroll- out of jail
Follow (person)
donate dice write cast cash cook
hone catchup circle pray pack unpack
fish camp finger charge auction balance
buy channels relevel deposit duel elist
exits exorcise get group gallop inventory
ignore kill killcount kc look lore
glance clan clantalk ct cls clear
music math tell telepath throw mount
tether untether dismount dismiss tame order
practice estimate rest redirect sit stand
stalk unlock wield withdraw affects areas
bet bug build coax commands compare
consider count create credits equipment examine
help info motd read report repertoire
rules score scan skills socials show
spells song songs chant chants prayers
stock unstock hire showstats story time
typo weather who whois wizlist worth
alias autolist autoassist autobutcher autoexit autogold
autoloot autoreturn autosac autosplit brief combine
compact color description delete nofollow assassinate
noloot nosummon call outfit password prompt
scroll title unalias wimpy afk answer
anonymous deaf emote email desecrate pmote
gossip ooc grats gtell rpnote news
poetry oocnote changes idea pose quiet
reply replay layhands say sanctify disperse
shout shriek unread yell brew scribe
bounty brandish close drag drink drive
drop eat envenom fill give heal
hold list lock open pick doorbash
db cw clanwar pour put push
pull press quaff recite remove disrobe
sell take sacrifice sail paddle row
value wear zap backstab sap knock
feign prevent dive toss art strike
whirlwind fists bandage mix repulse tempt
falconry deliver fire fear pounce disorient
carve attach reel bait noblink peek
superduel illusion eviscerate uppercut kai bash
berserk dirt disarm flee kick trip
tripwire conceal butcher trample enter board
climb scale entangle tug ring shove
smash sing play compose jump crawl
descend follow gain hide camouflage quit
recall battlecry save defect disband sleep
sneak stable retrieve split steal swap
sweep palm plan plant pat topfishers
train track visible land mask fly
wake where version forage purge zonepurge
retreat ocopy mcopy rcopy edit asave
alist rlist olist mlist resets aresets
sword invoke reroll reincarnate killable arena
pk consent suck damage aggression leeching
draw embalm corrupt feast hellbreath unsummon
rant familiar undeadscore undeadgain puppet defile
despoil contaminate flame startdouble contribute flare
quest question lightningbreathswoop poll sayto
whisper gemote gpmote bubble spear locate
find swim transform paddle opurge chop
stop mill release binder deck appraise
cardduel ante cardkill closestore openstore install
disarmtrap cardcount present warptouch madrush coma
vanish persuade maddance firedance escape noswitch
flick shuffle lucky throw friend friendscore box
friendname friendxp dig revert befriend shillelagh
shapechange with
3w from square is to the bank
Score-what I have
Equip-stuff I am wearing
Get (thing)
When in water wear the fideal

Pattern= sends you sprawling

Command= wake

Pattern= trips you

Command= wake

Pattern= both feet in your chest!

Command= wake

Pattern= charge sends you to the ground!

Command= wake

Pattern= is DEAD!!

Command= look;save

Pattern= A pile of Silver coins.

Command= get coins;get coins

Warrior Triggers

Pattern= ~[OOC~]

Command= #cap ooc

Pattern= %1 says

Command= #cap say

Pattern= %1 tells you

Command= #cap tell

Pattern= tells the group

Command= #cap group

Pattern= You have (%d) gold, (%d) silver, and (%d) experience ~((%d) exp to level~).

Command= #MATH TNL (%4-%3)
#SH %format( 3, %eval( %float( %3)/%4))

Pattern= tells the group 'bash'

Command= bash

Pattern= Verlayne beckons for you to follow.

Command= follow Verlayne

Pattern= butchers the corpse

Command= get meat;eat meat

Pattern= you are too full

Command= drop all.meat

Pattern= your dry throat

Command= drink dec;drink dec

Pattern= it is already empty

Command= put dec back;drink dec

Pattern= You can't drink from that.

Command= tell verlayne all my decanters are empty please make a spring.

Pattern= a magical spring flows from the ground.

Command= get all.dec back;drink;drink;fill dec;fill 2.dec;fill 3.dec;fill 4.dec;fill 5.dec

Pattern= You feel less righteous.

Command= gt bless

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