Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am late in sending in my job search to my case worker UGH
this job searching is such a pain in the ass!

I am thinking about starting to collect moocards they are so Vivid and well the ones i want are cute (blythe)
And the pictures my bother takes of my blythes are so professional looking here are the ones i have collected so far :)

Yeah these are awesome :)

Talk to you soon most likely once i get my mail! Yay mail today!


LittleCakes said...

Hang in there Shantessa! I know the feeling...in a similar boat! Have an interview tommorrow...sounds promising...wish me luck!

Varenia said...

the cards are really cute!!

and thank you so much for the comment on my blog!

Wasted Wishes said...

Such cute Blythe pictures! I need to do a little photoshoot with my Pullip. Theyre so fun!