Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pin Cushion Baby Jar *Image Insane*

Alright well This is my third Tute

It is for the Amazing Baby Jar Pincushion

Although you can make it with any size jar but
these measurments are for a baby size one :)

First you will need
Glue gun and about 2 sticks
Needle and Thread or Sewing machine
And two 3 inch circles of Fabulous Fabric
and A Clean Baby food jar (size 2x2)

First you will cut out the 2 Circles
they need to be 3 inches
put them wrong side in and sew them up leave an opening for the stuffing

Sew in a circle and when your done turn it inside out and Fatten it up with Stuffing then sew up the reaminder of the hole
Then get your glue gun and glue the pincushion to the lid of the jar
then glue the sides of the cushion down around the sides of the jar
Next get a ribbon (7 inches for my jars)
And glue it around the sides of the jar over the cushion sides
cut off the hangy glue and blobs

next place a nice little ribbon flower or aplique over the ribbon cuts
Put the lid on your jar and stick some pins in it
your done great job any Questions feel free to Pm me!

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