Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Going VEG

Well i have gotten through my first 9 days with being a vegitarian
I figured this month can be a trial month for picking and choosing what i liked of the food eating choices :)

Here Are the things i got
Now this is from a Carnivore diet to a VEG diet (gotta love typos i almost put VAG there)Nice

Better than cream cheese was ok
smart sausage-Havent tried it yet
smart bacon-Havent tried it yet
smart dogs (maggie liked them i havent tried them yet)
Tofurkey hickory, philly and classic (these were good)
Just like ground-This stuff is amazing!!! and Guiltfree
Marble Havalah-My favorite snack!
Amys-3 layer enchiladas, Nacho cheese snacks, mexican tamale pie-All GREAT
Alphatots-The multi colored ones were weird havent tried the yellow ones yet
I dont like cluckphreys at all :P i got the chicken nuggets and burger patties EW
Boca Garden burgers and meatlike burgs yummys!

So thats that let the VEGISM Continue :)

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LittleCakes said...

Going Veg eh? Favorite veg sandwich on a whole wheat tortilla wrap, chopped cucumber, tomato, lettuce, spinach...spread hummus on wrap, top with veggies and a little feta...yummo!! I like morningstar farm crumbles, sausage patties and grillers. I like soy chicken patties, topped with a little tomato sauce and mozzarella...yum...good luck! What made you go veg?