Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well New Post Duh...! With Photo's NEW!!!

Up for grabs Please Get it off my hands!

If any one is interested in there are rubber stamps,buttons,beads,brads,eyelets,sequins,paperclips,pens,pencils,jewlery, ribbon,fibers,paper,stickers grab bag let me know i have to much and i am trying to get rid of it by trade my next step is selling it on etsy! please pm me! my want list is below but we can also talk it out about other things i may need thanks! Make an Offer!

What i need Will update as i see fit or as new needs arise please feel free to also email me @ just let me know where your from (website not location)

O.o Looking Out for.....AKA
My wishlist AKA
Things you Will get hearts for no questions asked AKA
Things i need AKA
Things i will trade you almost anything for
Magnetic Pincushion used is fine
Fabric like this either color A damask print incorporating animals from Etsuko Furuya.

And Any of the fabrics on my wists!
Alexander Henrys Raindrop fabric
Any Japanese Fabric
Harry Potter Scarf used is fine
Harry potter and the Ootp poster
Zippers any sizes new or used as long as they are useable in future projects
Fabric any and all dont care
Polymer clay any and all
Thimble used is fine
Brother Regular Sewing machine needles (PLEASE!!!!!!!)
How to Knit/Crochet Kit used is fine
Journals of anykind
Cupcake/pin up girl Fabric
Needle Nose Pliers (Long and Skinny)
Jewelry Wire
Tomb Raider Soundtrack (copy/used is fine)
Disney Princesses 3-d Scrapbooking Items Especially Sleeping beauty and the pages.

3 Hole punch used is fine

large binder used is fine

Fabric paint (any colors)used is fine as long as there is some left like more than half!

Yarn for crochet practice (remnants-half packs-leftovers-destash-used-new) cool colors

Used/new double point 5 inch needles

new/used straight needles any size

Knitting for dummies Full edition ( i have the pocket size)

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